Coz Being Ageless Is Priceless

Sunscreen, anyone?

In a recent health news article on AOL, it was found out that the almost half of the sunscreens sold over the counter could actually cause malignant cell formation because of vitamin A and it’s derivatives. AOL News apparently learned through documents and interviews that the authorities have known of the potential danger for more than a decade, without warning the public. My take on this is that first off, we’re not made to lay under the sun for hours on end. Secondly, synthetic vitamins could cause more harm long-term based on most studies. Isolate something from nature and it behaves like a drug. Last but not least, synthetic, petroleum-based products applied on the skin and then exposed to the strong rays of the sun is a recipe for disaster. Sunscreens may protect against sunburn (which is the body’s natural reaction to the strong rays of the sun) but would it protect against skin cancer formation?

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