Coz Being Ageless Is Priceless

Different diagnosis, same treatment. That goes for most autoimmune diseases, where the ongoing medical belief is that it’s due to an immune system gone haywire. That is, the immune system starts attacking the body’s own cells. There is no explanation on why these conditions happen to certain people. It’s often explained away as a genetic predisposition to have the disease. The standard treatment is to suppress the immune system using steroids or through the use of chemotherapeutic agents. Symptom relief is quick for most but the attendant side effects are horrendous. Long-term steroid use for instance, can cause osteoporosis, hyperglycemia, hyperuricemia, peptic ulers, etc. Side effects of chemo drugs vary depending on the class of meds used. (An example is the class of meds called anthracyclines, to which Doxorubicin belongs. It’s notorious for causing heart damage by depleting coenzyme Q10 levels) You really have to weigh the risks versus benefits when someone decides to go for the traditional treatment. In holistic medical circles though, it is our belief that autoimmune disease can be due to different conditions such as food intolerances/sensitivities, chronic toxicity, hidden infections and chronic inflammatory states. Just like any chronic degenerative diseases, it is our belief that once we address the root of the problem, then the symptoms typically disappear. In contrast, treating symptoms alone, whether using synthetic drugs or natural medicines, may provide temporary relief.  The underlying disease process wreaks havoc elsewhere, however, ultimately leading to future complications. In summary, my job as a holistic MD is like that of a private eye, look diligently for the cause of the problem and when it comes to treatment, always personalize treatment recommendations based on biochemical individuality. And of course, always work in partnership with the client.

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