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Reset Your Genes

Reset what? Yes, you heard it right. We are now able to reset our genes through the use of pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements. I won’t be mentioning the brand but suffice it to say, this synergistic blend of nutrients can actually reset our genes to that of a younger individual. This has been so effective that the technology has been patented and was also featured in the Discovery Channel. There are a few ongoing clinical studies and a couple that has already been completed. I’m the type of doctor who would try whatever I recommend to my clients, except bioidentical female hormones of course. I use food supplements, bioidentical hormones like testosterone and thyroid, homeopathic medications, IV nutritional therapies, and even energy medicine devices like the Scanar device and low level laser therapy. Anyway, I’ve been on this synergistic supplement blend that resets the genes for about a year now and symptomatically, I’ve never felt better. Objectively though, I’ve run tests including the biophotonic scanner which shows that my skin carotenoid score is almost double of what it used to be. My blood chem and hormone panels are not just normal. They’re actually in the optimal range. My biological age is quite lower than my chronological age, based on different forms of testing, which I’ll discuss in future posts. Overall, I can say that I’m a happy camper.

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