Coz Being Ageless Is Priceless

CR is good for you

It seems that cutting calories or calorie restriction (CR) is not just good for weight loss. It’s also good for life extension. And, it’s not just adding years to your life but adding life to your years as well. This discovery was made in the 1930’s by a Cornell University researcher named Clive McCay. His original work was done on rats whose life-span were extended by putting them on near-starvation diets. Not much was done initially on this important discovery until recent years with the advent of a relatively new field in medicine called anti-aging medicine, otherwise known as age management or longevity medicine. Calorie restriction was found to increase the lifespan of different species by a third or more. In the latest edition of Fortune magazine, there’s discussion about the race for drugs to mimic the benefits of calorie restriction (CR). One drug that’s creating so much excitement is the anti-(transplant) rejection drug called rapamycin. It has been shown to be really effective in extending lifespan according to studies done by scientists funded by the National Institute of Aging. As far as side effects or pricing go, there was no mention in the article about this. A natural substance found in red wine called resveratrol was also mentioned in the article. Not much excitement there probably because it’s a natural substance that can not be patented. I suggest taking resveratrol (and other antioxidants, for that matter) at this point in time and not wait until 10-20 years from now when it becomes standard practice to give nutraceuticals. I would also suggest eating sensibly and staying away from SAD (Standard American Diet).

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