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Drink Milk, Not!

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Drinking milk has always been thought of as a healthy thing. I remember as a kid, almost being forced into drinking my glass of milk. I was really stubborn then and I’m glad I was. Being of Asian heritage, it doesn’t make sense to drink milk because most of us (and for that matter, people of African descent as well) are lactose-intolerant. Even organic milk won’t work if you’re lactose intolerant. Besides, there’s so much “stuff” in regular milk that you may not want to drink it. Among these include antibiotics, hormones and pesticides. What’s fed to commercially-farmed animals ends up in their body fluids (and that includes their milk). Anyway, one of the reasons they’re promoting it widely is because of it’s benefit of improving bone density because of it’s calcium content. But, there’s more to healthy bones than taking calcium alone. A preferable source of calcium would be green, leafy vegetables. But of course, it’s not “cool” to promote veggies in large media advertising campaigns. See how they use celebrities with milk in their upper lips? How many of them actually drink milk? What about celebrities with green plant material between their teeth suggesting that they’re eating veggies? Won’t that be a funny picture? I heard one of my mentors several years ago talking to his obese client jokingly. Why do you need (cow’s) milk? Is your mother a cow? Don’t you know that milk is probably making you fat? Funny, but it’s true. One of the results of food sensitivities is weight gain but that another topic we have to discuss in the future. One more thing to think about is that we’re the only mammals that drink milk in their adulthood. Is there a reason why other creatures don’t drink milk in their adulthood? Just wondering…..

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