Coz Being Ageless Is Priceless

With all the advertising around you that says “this is good for you” , “that is good for you” or “whatever is good for you”, it gets really frustrating for some people when it comes to what supplements they have to take. Ideally, we don’t need to take supplements. That is, if we eat organic, in-season, unprocessed, non-GMO foods 100% of the time. But who can do that nowadays? Really! Commercially grown foods are unfortunately, nutrient-depleted coz of farming practices and a host of other factors which I would not mention in this article. I would venture to say though that everyone needs a good quality whole-food based multivitamin. Essential fatty acids, one of the more common nutrient deficiencies, ideally needs to be taken by those with any type of chronic inflammatory conditions or those who eat primarily packaged/processed foods. There are vegetarian as well as animal sources of the EFA‘s. Ideally, they’re taken with meals and they have to be refrigerated after opening since they get rancid quite easily. Digestive enzymes are something to consider at the age of 30 and beyond. It’s also beneficial for those who experience indigestion, gas and bloating. In my practice, I do tests to determine a person’s nutritional status, rather than making “blanket” recommendations. These tests take the guesswork out of supplementation. Among them are the Spectracell micronutrient test or the ION (Individual Optimal Nutrition) test from Metametrix. These tests are available at the offices where I practice in the San Francisco Bay area and Metro Manila area. For virtual consultations, contact me on Skype (drjlopezmd).

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