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Body Talk

Experiencing symptoms that are uncomfortable or dragging you down? Maybe it’s time to listen to your body talk. Symptoms are actually our buddies, alerting us that something in our lives is out of sync or out of balance. Sure, treating symptoms help. However, treating the root cause/causes of symptoms or illness makes more sense in the long run. For instance, treating headaches with tylenol may help but headaches are not due to a tylenol deficiency. By the way, tylenol could deplete the body of the antioxidant molecule called glutathione, which actually protects the liver, among other things. It has been promoted as a very safe drug until recent years when massive recalls of the product have taken place because of serious side effects. Anyway, headaches could be due to various factors such as dehydration, muscle tension, stress and other things. Find the cause and address it. Doesn’t that make sense? We just need to use our common sense and listen to our bodies instead of being brainwashed to think that there’s a pill for every uncomfortable physical or emotional symptom we experience. A good example of an emotional symptom is SAD, short for “social anxiety disorder”, meaning being extremely uncomfortable in social situations. In other words, being bashful or shy. Now, when has that been a medical disorder? Not too long ago. There are more normal emotional states that are being “medicalized” but I won’t even go there. Check this link however!

Your Best Defense…..

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….is a healthy immune system. Every day, we encounter billions of germs. Not every one gets sick, however. Ever wonder why others fall deathly ill while others seem to be resistant to illness? The answer to that is a healthy immune system. We can nurture our immune system through a nutritious diet, pure water intake, stress reduction, sun exposure, adequate sleep and rest, exercise, the use of therapeutic grade essential oils (lemon, clove, cinnamon, etc.) and exposure to the earth’s electromagnetic fields. Easy to say, huh? Ways to lower our immune systems are easier to do and most people seem to have no trouble doing it. Fast food/highly refined diet, high-stress lifestyle, dehydration, inadequate sleep and rest, exposure to harmful EMF’s and negativity are just some of these.
In traditional Chinese medicine, practitioners were only compensated if their clients are well or stay well. They don’t get paid if their client’s get sick. Sounds like an interesting concept. However, it does make more sense. Keep someone healthy so they could fight off any illness and practitioners get paid well. It’s a win-win situation if you think about it.

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