Coz Being Ageless Is Priceless

Hey, I didn’t recommend this stupid advise. However, you could see this study published in the prestigious Journal of Urology. It seems that the study authors recommended this because some diet sodas are rich in citrate, a nutrient found in lemons. My take on this is that there are other ways to prevent kidney stones without resorting to this. Preventing dehydration as well as eating a more alkaline diet could help prevent stone formation. The reasons why diet soda (or any soda for that matter), is not the best choice are that 1. diet soda has artificial sweeteners, one of the most popular one of which is a potent neurotoxin; 2. it is actually rich in phospates, which could actually cause bone loss long term and 3. it has a very acidic pH. There are other reasons why diet soda is not a healthy drink. Suffice it to say, avoid it at all costs and just add lemon to your water.

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