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Organic, really?

Official seal of the National Organic Program

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There are a lot of products in the market that claim to be organic. Just go to Whole Foods Market or your local supermarket, where they now have organic sections or aisles. Does it really mean anything? Up to now, a lot of companies are using the word “organic” or “natural.” These words are used liberally and loosely to create a niche for their products and to attract green shoppers. What’s up with personal care products that say organic ingredients in percentages? I’ve seen labels on personal care products that say 72% or 94% organic. What does that mean? Isn’t a product supposed to be 100% organic or not at all? Anyway, it’s dizzying just reading labels, much more deciphering what they mean. In a New York Times report, it asks the basic question: is it organic or not? Can a product be 100% organic if water used to grow a produce is not filtered or if there’s cross-contamination from a field that has GMO crops? Is biodynamic farming better? Ideally, one should grow their own crops. But, that’s not possible for most people. I myself can’t do it. I can barely keep my bonsai tree alive and healthy! So, I put my blind faith on these big retailers like Whole Foods. Finally, they’re going to require their suppliers to be certified by 2 agencies. Why just now, however? Shouldn’t they have done this a long time ago. Just wondering….

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