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It’s interesting how we place so much emphasis on food or supplements when we are basically, made up of 75% water (just like the earth). Without water, a lot of the metabolic processes in our body won’t work efficiently. Why is it that we can’t somehow focus on just getting enough water intake? Is it boring to just drink water? Compare that with soda (called “cola” or “soft drinks” in other countries). You see all these ads about soda everywhere. It makes you think that drinking soda quenches your thirst (which it does somewhat) but more importantly, that it makes you “cool,” (well, not as cool as other legal drinks, but you know where I’m getting). More about soda later. Anyway, the typical recommendation of glasses per day is not the best because of everybody differs in their requirements. I typically recommend half a person’s body weight in ounces (more so, if a person’s sweating a lot or when it’s hot outside). Then, as far as the quality of your water in concerned, I recommend pure water, but not just any type of “processed” water. There are pros and cons to each type of water purification system. Some may only removed dissolved solids (filtration). There are others that remove pathogens (such as bacteria, cysts), VOC’s (volatile organic chemicals), heavy metals (lead, mercury), and substances that are typically added to our water supply (chlorine, fluoride and more recently, chloramine). I would go for one that removes all these. Distillation and reverse osmosis water systems are among the more efficient ones available. Distillation probably gets rid of everything, including beneficial minerals unfortunately. This makes the water’s pH acidic in general. So, I recommend squeezing a lemon or lime into the water. The minerals in the water makes the water’s pH more alkaline. Do you know that there are water systems that make alkaline water? They’re considered medical devices in Japan, where acidic and alkaline water have specific applications. More on this later. Have a great week and drink up (water, that is)!

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