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I’ve got a headache!

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Headaches are not fun at all. I’m not the one who would take medications right away though. However, I’ll probably use them as a last resort (of course, after I exhaust all the natural remedies available). The usual treatment for headaches would either be Tylenol or Advil or other anti-inflammatory agents (and in case of migraine headaches, ergot alkaloid agents). Natural pain-relief agents include feverfew and petadolex. They’re generally effective for symptom relief. Some lose their effectiveness over time, especially if the cause or causes are not addressed properly. There are different causes of headaches and they include the following: chronic dehydration, stress, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, structural disorders, visual causes, metabolic disorders, and rarely, tumors. I’ll discuss the more common, easily treatable causes. Dehydration, of course could be easily corrected. ideally, a person needs to drink half of their body weight in ounces, more so if they’re active and sweating. Stress could be addressed by taking vitamins (B complex and C), minerals (Magnesium, Zinc), and adaptogens (ashwagandha, rhodiola). Meditation, massage therapy and prayer all do help. Hormonal imbalances could also be a culprit (progesterone deficiency in women). Nutrient deficiencies including that of magnesium (natural vasodilator and muscle relaxant) and essential fatty acids (anti-inflammatory) could also cause headaches. Food sensitivities can trigger headaches as well. If a person knows what they’re sensitive or allergic to, it’s best to avoid them. Otherwise, address the cause of food sensitivities such as a “leaky gut.” Finally, metabolic disorders such as hypoglycemia can also be a cause of headaches. In summary, addressing the root causes of illness yields better, longer-lasting results than just symptomatic treatment alone.

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