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Waste in Your Waist

On overweight man's waistline.

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You got that right! There’s a lot of waste in your waist. And I don’t mean the waste products in your colon, however.  What I’m referring to are the toxic products that are in the fatty areas of the body, primarily the core or abdominal area. Toxins have a propensity to accumulate in fatty tissues because they are lipophilic or “fat-loving”. Other fatty areas in the body include the breast area in women and the neurological system in both sexes. The toxins found in these areas are primarily environmental toxins such herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, VOC’s, and other dangerous chemicals. During the process of weight loss (fat loss, specifically), the body begins burning fat, in the process releasing all these toxic chemicals into the circulation. With poor detoxification mechanisms, these chemicals are just recirculated and deposited into other parts of the body where they interfere with function. That’s the reason why some people feel worse when they lose weight. It’s really important to enhance the detoxification pathways before embarking on such a program. Speaking of detoxification, one of the major organs responsible for this process is our liver. There are 2 phases of detoxification that goes on here. To simplify things, phase 1 primarily involves making toxic products less toxic and phase 2 involves preparing the toxin for excretion by conjugating it with certain nutrients. Deficiency of nutrients could interfere with either phase and lead to waste build up in the body. In summary, if one intends to lose weight, wait and do some research and then run to your nearest holistic health provider.

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