Coz Being Ageless Is Priceless

Herbs: Thyme, oregano and rosemary

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Are antibiotics effective enough to take care of infections? We all hope so but it doesn’t always happen in real life especially in the case of chronic infections. A more comprehensive way of addressing chronic infections should involve the following: 1. reduction of microbial load through the use of anti-infective agents, 2. immune system support, 3. optimizing detoxification mechanisms, 4. nutritional support, 5. optimizing sleep/rest and 6. hormonal support. We all know the different ways to reduce microbial load. It involves the use of synthetic/prescription and herbal antibiotics, anti-virals, anti-parasitics and anti-fungals. Immune system support is critical, since ultimately, it’s our immune system that takes care of killing these microbes. Vitamins (vitamin C complex, vitamin D), minerals (selenium, zinc), herbal agents (echinacea), therapeutic-grade essential oils (oregano, clove, frankincense), homeopathic/spagyric remedies, and acupuncture are among the tools used to optimize immune system function. Support of detoxification mechanisms is absolutely essential to prevent a severe die-off or a Herxheimer reaction, a process that takes place when the body is overwhelmed with byproducts of microbial destruction. We’re looking at improving colon, kidney, liver, skin, lymphatic and lung function since all these organs are involved in detoxification (and drainage, for that matter). Having a sensible diet and the judicious use of nutritional supplements could go a long way in improving overall health. Sleep is a time when our body  repairs and regenerates itself. During this time (“anabolic phase” according to Dr. Revici’s work), our body secretes hormones such as growth hormone, prolactin and melatonin (which are all involved in the anabolic process). Finally, hormonal support is essential in cases of chronic infections. Our adrenals and thyroid could be burned out (from the stress of chronic infection) and supporting these organs could help the body overcome and win the fight against infection.

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