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Treat or Tricked?

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That’s right! It’s treat or tricked, not trick or treat! Now that Halloween is done and over with, let’s discuss the implications of the so-called Halloween treats. The treats that most people give away to kids during this holiday of sorts are not really a treat. Treats are supposed to be beneficial for the recipient. This is usually not the case when it comes to trick or treating though because the treats are harmful for the recipient long term. They’re mostly white sugar or refined carbs. Empty calories, that is. Sugar is addictive, even though it’s legal (or should I say, sugar is legal, even though it’s addictive). We don’t think about it in this terms but sugar in general could cause more problems than all other drugs combined. Consider how diabetes is now one of the most common cause of morbidity and mortality in most ages. What used to be an illness found in adults could now be seen in children. Thanks to the abundance of sugary products. And that’s not all, it’s found in products that are supposed to be sugar free under the guise of different names. It takes a more educated or more informed population to decipher the list of ingredients of most food stuff nowadays. I would say that the further refined a food is, the more harmful it is. The closer it is to nature, the more beneficial it is. Go natural!

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