Coz Being Ageless Is Priceless


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“Chi”, otherwise known as “prana” is what we all know as energy. Energy, being intangible, is sometimes a very difficult concept to accept in modern society. However, we see the evidence of energy all around us. This is even evident in allopathic medicine in the form of ultrasound machines, EKGs, CT and PET scans, MRIs and EEGs, among many others. Why is it then that more evidence is being required of certain forms of energetic treatment that have hundreds or thousands of years of use such as homeopathy and acupuncture respectively? Just wondering.

One interesting concept I have learned regarding chi is that the higher your chi (or energy or frequency), the healthier you are. Once your chi or life force goes down, then that’s when chronic illness may surface. A good analogy I’ve heard over the years is the growth of mushrooms (fungus) on decaying matter, similar to what you see in humans. People with fungal infections oftentimes have immune system challenges like AIDS or chronic diseases like diabetes. The key then, to prevent this, is to improve a person’s chi in different ways like a healthy diet and lifestyle, nutritional supplements as well as energy exercises like chi gong, taichi or yoga.

By the way, the March 5, 2009 article in Time magazine called “The Health Crisis Hits Home”, is a revelation that has come of age (although many people already have realized this idea several years or even decades ago). “Realign Doctor’s Incentives” , meaning that “our system pays doctors to diagnose, test and treat, not necessarily keep people healthy.” It’s why chronic disease like diabetes absorb 80% of our health care dollars. Pay for holistic success! Nutrition and self-care should be part of our educational system. Doctors ideally should learn about complementary systems of medicine that are practiced around the world such as TCM and Ayurvedic medicine and successfully integrate these into their practices.

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