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Scared Of Radiation?

Ikata Nuclear Power Plant

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There are different kinds and levels of radiation. It’s constant, high levels that could cause health problems. I won’t go into the kinds or signs or symptoms of radiation exposure coz there’s already an abundance of info on that on the internet. What I’d like to discuss today is how to protect yourself from radiation exposure. Of course, everybody knows that potassium iodide helps by primarily protecting the thyroid glands (from cancer eventually). However, there’s more that we can do to protect ourselves from radiation and it’s byproducts in our bodies. Radiation causes damage in our bodies by primarily increasing free radical formation. Increased free radicals (and there are different kinds of free radicals, by the way) damages all our cells. What do you do then to protect your cells from the onslaught of these harmful substances? The answer is by taking antioxidants, whether it’s in the form of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and even so-called “superfruits” such as goji and pomegranates. By the way, regarding iodine intake, most people are deficient in this beneficial mineral. Statistics show that up to 90% of the population have abnormally low levels. A lot of holistic doctors that I know of used to check iodine levels of their clients. Since, a large majority of those tested showed low levels, these doctors have just recommended supplementation with  a low dose of potassium iodide (12.5 to 50 mg/day, although in the literature, as much as 300-1000 mg/day has been used in the past). In the last couple of days, there has been a “mad run” for potassium iodide at pharmacies and health food stores. If a person has no access to this, one may consider increasing their intake of seaweeds such as kelp, kombu or arame. Nori sheets used to wrap sishi is also available as a snack. Other helpful products are Rad Tox from a company called Apex Energetix, Modifilan (a brown seaweed product), and  chlorella tablets. Taking NAC or glutathione are also helpful for detox.

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