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No Tox

Botox Injections from Dr Braun

Image by Vancouver Laser & Skincare Centre via Flickr

It’s interesting how things in medicine change. Things that were once considered unacceptable eventually become the norm when a majority of health care practitioners start using a specific modality regularly and without question. Take for instance, the most potent neurotoxin known to man. It is now being used for signs of aging such as wrinkles but also for medical problems such as migraine headaches or hyperhidrosis. It’s no doubt one of the most effective treatments against deep wrinkles. However, I believe that not everybody with wrinkles is a good candidate for this procedure. A person’s biochemical individuality should always be taken into consideration. This means that everybody is different and as such, each individual would react differently to a drug or procedure. The concept of biochemical individuality also applies when one is receiving dietary advise or taking nutritional supplements. Anyway, back to the subject of wrinkles. There are alternatives to Botox. These include acupuncture facelift, the use of derma roller, and mesotherapy using nappage techniques. I personally use the GUNA Italian remedies in my practice because of it’s holistic approach to beauty (external and internal approaches). Topical treatments can be used for prevention as well. I recommend and use organic products personally. My favorites are Boswella wrinkle cream and Sandalwood moisturizing cream from Young Living. I also like Dr. Haushka’s from Germany and Jurlique from Australia.
One thing to also consider is a principle better known to environmental medicine doctors as “toxic load”. Compare our bodies to a barrel filled with “stuff” including environmental toxins. Initially, people may be asymptomatic, but as this “barrel” overflows, so do the appearance of signs and symptoms of toxicity, which unfortunately, are mostly treated symptomatically, whether through the use of natural or synthetic remedies. My advise is to minimize exposure to toxins as much as possible and to detox, detox and detox.

Detoxification and Biochemical Individuality

Detox day

Image by the Italian voice via Flickr

Everybody needs to detox. True. Everybody should do the same detox program. False. We are all different and therefore, a cookie-cutter or a one-size-fits-all approach at detoxification would not work at all, ever! Fortunately, there are genetic tests available to determine if a person can tolerate a detoxification program. If a person’s tests turns out to be homozygous positive for one of these genes, then they better be careful when they’re undergoing a detox program. It’s better for these people to start slowly and perhaps work with a holistic health care practitioner who considers each person’s biochemical individuality. Other things to consider when going on a detoxification program, it’s important to focus downstream (on the bowels) before treating the upstream (liver, kidneys, etc). Otherwise, toxins would be recirculating into the body, practically making things worse. Ever wonder why some people experience a lot of side-effects or worse, deathly- ill when they’re undergoing a cleanse? Indeed, there is a truth to the the adage, death begins in the colon. So, it’s really important to focus on gastro-intestinal health. Whatever we put in our mouths affects everything else in the body. Don’t believe the “party-line” advise to eat whatever you want. I’ve heard it from “healthy” people and people with chronic degenerative disease (such as cancer) being told by their health care practitioner to do so. No wonder our country ranks only #17 as far as the healthiest industrialized nations in the world even though we spend the most in health care. Just something to ponder about.

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