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Magnets to Plug the Hole?

Project Runway (season 4)

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Sounds like a great idea. I just saw it this morning on CNN. There is this Florida company that came up with the idea. It does make a lot of sense. I hope it works. So far, the pollution goes on. And it’s not just oil. Now, there’s the chemical dispersants to deal with. These chemicals were used to “disperse” the oil. In my own limited understanding of how this works, it means that the oil will just be invisible to the naked eye. It’s still present in the water though, causing harm to microscopic organisms (and the rest of the living creatures) in the water. It’s a mess, a hot tranny mess (as the contestant and eventual winner of the Season 4 reality show, Project Runway, would say)! I know it’s not funny, but we as a people should be open to alternatives especially when “standard” protocols are not working. In this scenario, alternatives should have been sought earlier in the game. The hole could have been plugged successfully by now, the 74th day since the oil started spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. Health-wise, I believe that we should incorporate therapeutic lifestyle changes into standard treatments. That makes the outcome of whatever health issue more successful. Happy 4th of July weekend! Signing out……

What A Hot Oily Mess!

Alternative Energy Galore

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Finally, I’m making a comment about the oil spill that’s happening in the Gulf of Mexico. What does this have to do with health in general? A lot! What’s happening is an environmental disaster of epic proportions (not trying to be dramatic here). It’s going to affect everything up the food chain eventually. What strikes me as odd is the way the emergency response has been all this time. The “topkill” solution didn’t make any sense at all. It’s like putting a band aid on a gushing wound hoping that by some miracle, it’s going to stop. Hello? This is a good example of treating the symptom, rather than addressing the root of the problem. We need to end our dependence on oil (not just foreign oil). There are a lot of alternative energy sources out there that we haven’t tapped as extensively as we could (like geothermal, hydroelectric or solar; not a fan of nuclear though). As far as our personal health is concerned, we also need to find out the root causes of symptoms, rather than just treating the symptoms alone. A good example is that of high blood pressure. Diet, exercise, weight loss, herbs and medications do help. But, we need to find out whether factors like nutrient deficiencies, stress, heavy metal toxicity or hormonal imbalance play a role in the situation.

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