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Smart Fat Loss

My Weight Loss Coach

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What is smart fat loss? Fat loss is the process of losing excess body fat. It is a better term to use (rather than weight loss) because weight loss could be unhealthy esp. if a person is losing muscle mass rather than excess body fat. I think that relying on just 1 pill alone for weight loss is “the opposite of smart.” There are a lot of factors that contribute to obesity. A smart weight management program should look into all these issues. What I don’t comprehend is how drugs used for treating obesity are being reserved for those who are obese (BMI greater than 30) or those who have co-morbid conditions such as hypertension or diabetes. People with complex medical problems don’t need another drug to complicate their life further. In fact, an article on CNN dares to ask the question: “Three New Weight Loss Drugs: Will They Work?” Apparently, prescription weight loss remedies have a spotty history. The article stated that, “some have proved to have a relatively modest effect, while others have been downright dangerous.” A lot of the potential danger lies in the fact that people who take these drugs use it for the long term. Without making dietary and lifestyle changes, it’s bound to create further problems down the road. Anyway, for those who have weight issues, some dietary changes that one could easily incorporate are: eliminating refined carbs, eliminating grains altogether (for some people), staying away from “low-fat” meals (they’re usually laden with sugar; sugar turns into fat; and fat is what tells our satiety centers that we’re full), eating naturally as possible (staying away from foods that have artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives, although “natural” may not mean a thing anymore), drinking pure water (more on fluoride issues later), chewing our food well and eating like the French (slow food instead of “inhaling” food like some people who eat on the go do). I’ll discuss about dietary supplements, exercise and perhaps, correcting hormonal imbalances to achieve weight loss in future blog entries. In the meantime, let the fat loss begin….

Magnets to Plug the Hole?

Project Runway (season 4)

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Sounds like a great idea. I just saw it this morning on CNN. There is this Florida company that came up with the idea. It does make a lot of sense. I hope it works. So far, the pollution goes on. And it’s not just oil. Now, there’s the chemical dispersants to deal with. These chemicals were used to “disperse” the oil. In my own limited understanding of how this works, it means that the oil will just be invisible to the naked eye. It’s still present in the water though, causing harm to microscopic organisms (and the rest of the living creatures) in the water. It’s a mess, a hot tranny mess (as the contestant and eventual winner of the Season 4 reality show, Project Runway, would say)! I know it’s not funny, but we as a people should be open to alternatives especially when “standard” protocols are not working. In this scenario, alternatives should have been sought earlier in the game. The hole could have been plugged successfully by now, the 74th day since the oil started spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. Health-wise, I believe that we should incorporate therapeutic lifestyle changes into standard treatments. That makes the outcome of whatever health issue more successful. Happy 4th of July weekend! Signing out……

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