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Move Your Body

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All these years, we are led to believe that we need to spend hours at the gym to improve our cardiovascular health or improve our body composition (less fat, more muscles). Well, it’s not actually the amount of time that you spend at the gym that improves your overall health. I, for one, would listen to my body and spend 30 minutes max at the gym. Intuitively, I felt that this was healthier for me. So, when one of my clients told me about a book by Dr. Al Sears called the PACE Revolution, I knew I was on to something. Dr. Sears explains how doing vigorous exercise for short periods followed by rest improves cardiovascular health, body composition as well as improve objective parameters such as pulmonary function tests, which is one of the best predictors of longevity. We no longer need to be guilty about not spending an hour or more of long, boring, repetitive exercises. Enjoy training again!

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