Coz Being Ageless Is Priceless

Shut Your Pie Hole!

Veggie burger eating competition, Slovakia.

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Excuse my French. But that’s one of the only ways we can take care of the obesity epidemic in the US and around the world. Many people consume excess calories beyond what their body needs to function optimally. When I first came to the US 17 years ago, I was surprised by the huge servings of food they serve at most, if not all, restaurants (fast food or slow food ones) that I visited. I remember as a kid, my mom would always tell me to finish the food on my plate. But I won’t coz I was a picky eater and besides, she would finish eating the rest of my food anyway. Perhaps, at a young age, I thought intuitively that eating when you’re already satisfied is not right. Good thing, even though I ate junk food during my residency training, I somehow didn’t overeat or gain weight. Ideally, the only time to eat is when we’re hungry. Emotional reasons for eating should be addressed properly. Like when a person’s depressed, they tend to eat carbs to lift their spirits. A better option would be to inhale therapeutic-grade peppermint oil when you feel down because this oil uplifts, works as a digestive aid and also suppresses appetite according to a research study conducted by Dr. Hirsh, a board-certified neurologist from Chicago, who happened to be one of the attending physicians at the hospital where I did my residency training. A good rule of thumb when eating is to eat the amount of food that you could fit in the palm of your hand. Of course, you gotta eat whole foods that’s organic, in season, and sustainably produced. Avoid CRAP (conventional, refined, adulterated produce) foods if possible coz it makes you gain weight too.

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