Coz Being Ageless Is Priceless

There are a lot of symptoms of male menopause that’s commonly attributed to the normal aging process. Symptoms are usually subtle unless there’s an abrupt decline in hormones. These symptoms include the following: abdominal obesity, decreased muscle mass and strength, loss of self-confidence, depression, fatigue, hot flushes, decreased sex drive, decreased ejaculation volume, decreased strength of erections, anxiety and loss of interest in life. Among the signs of testosterone deficiency include: loss of muscle tone, wrinkles at corner of eyes or above the lips, flabby belly or increased abdominal fat, prostate hypertrophy or atrophy, small/atrophied/flaccid penis and male pattern baldness. Anyway, a lot of men usually suffer in silence because complaining is not a sign of being macho. Oftentimes, men just deal with these nagging symptoms until things get worse. For instance, erectile dysfunction could be due to low normal testosterone levels. Treatment is usually not given until a person’s level is really deficient or below normal. So, instead of getting testosterone treatment, men are given “rocket boosters” like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra or supplement-wise, tribulus, maca, or L-arginine. This is all fine and dandy. However, it’s better to address the root of the problem rather than just treating symptoms, just like anything else. Sometimes, the first symptom of low testosterone is a cardiovascular event such as a heart attack. Scary, right? Anyway, it’s also important to check estrogen levels in men. High levels could lead to gynecomastia, prostate issues and emotional imbalance while very low levels could lead to osteoporosis. So again, it’s all about balance in everything (yin yang in Chinese medicine).

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